Episode 15: Eddie on overcoming childhood.


Screenshot 2015-05-04 17.06.31The other day, I listened to this podcast for the first time. When you’re recording the conversation it’s easy to miss the best parts. I try to process what’s being said so that my response is meaningful, but inevitably I’ll wander in my thoughts and miss a chunk of gold.

It had been over a month since recording and my first listen was right on time. Eddie gave me just what I needed. Please take a listen. Eddie opened up with an authenticity and vulnerability I find powerful. You may too.

Episode 14: Chris Silva Part 2 – What a difference a day makes.


Chris SilvaI met up with Chris Silva again a few weeks back. We both felt it was important and timely to continue the conversation about fatherhood, specifically his journey. Last we spoke, Chris and his wife were pregnant, and very intentionally planning for the birth of their twins in March 2015.

His visit was inspirational and a perfect demonstration of what is possible if one…or two people focus their thoughts, feelings and belief systems with purpose.

Chris called me the day after our first recording in October 2014, “Baby A’s water broke.”

The twins were 20 weeks into a standard 40 week gestation period. They weren’t viable, yet. There were no good options. The medical staff had little hope to share. If there was a chance, it would take a belief system and fortitude few possess. The days and weeks that followed were by any standard, remarkable. In this episode Chris tells their inspirational story.

Episode 13: Mark Lindheimer on Fraternity


mark Mark Lindheimer joins us to talk about his path to manhood. How does divorce affect the oldest child? Where do we find our role models growing up? Are college fraternities one of the last opportunities for the average boy to be formally initiated into manhood? How do selfishness and responsibility conflict? Asking for help is a necessary and continuous activity. What can happen if you are self propelled without a guidance system?

Episode 12: Joel Blaeser


JoelBlaeserI sit down with Joel Blaeser, Poker Player, Real Estate Mogul, Dead head, Spiritual Explorer and Ex-Con. Joel has just published his book “Letters From Marion: The Politics of Prison and Race in America’s Wickedest Crime School.”

Joel and I move through his history with drugs, family, crime and punishment. Joel shares his spiritual path and the tools he used then and now to create an extraordinary life.


Episode 11: Justin Henderson on Boundaries & Decisions


1922382_10152792238729319_1885533917937657680_n *There’s a pause in the beginning…it’s worth the wait.

Justin Henderson, the founder of Bender (a fitness and lifestyle company) talks about the two fundamental changes that led to a personal evolution. Boundaries are necessary to keep our focus aligned on moving forward. Saying “no” is a powerful tool to keep true. Making decisions rather than hoping, wishing or begging things to happen.

What are the qualities engrained in all men? Are we falling short in this new world of relative safety. What can older men do to direct a man’s journey? Are most men operating without mentors?

Books Discussed:
Iron John.

Episode 10: Pete Fagundo, the Art of Life


pfarndo_portraitManhood welcomes Pete Fagundo, Art Professor at the School of the Art institute in Chicago. This was the first in a series of podcasts where we ask three questions:

1. What did manhood look like to you as a boy? How is different now? 2. Tell us about a transformational time the forced growth upon you?  3. What do you do each day to thrive?

Pete’s unique perspective on life and living through art helps frame Manhood in a new way. How can we grow away from childish thinking and towards mature action?

Episode 9: Eric Muschinski: Putting Intention to Work


Eric MuschinskiEric is back for Part 2: Eric and Brooks get specific on how to manifest your dream lifestyle. How do we use the 10-10-10 tools to align actions with intention by getting specific with intention. The difference between working harder and surrendering with intention. How does faith work in this process?

We’re currently in Brazil with friends. It’s a good lifestyle choice 🙂 If you have listened to the first part yet, please check it out.

Episode 8: Eric Muschinski on Abundance and Manifestation


Eric MuschinskiThis is the first of two podcasts with Eric Muschinski on Lifestyle design and living an abundant life.

Can money, healthy relationships, travel and joy flow into your life? Yes. Eric and Brooks meet again to talk about how they practice intention. Building a lifestyle of choice on a foundation of Gratitude and intention. Changing the default mode in our thinking to create a process aligned with an abundant world view, rather than from a place of ‘lack’.

Which practical tools can you use to attract what you want? How does intention work with your current spiritual practices and beliefs. What actions can you take to move toward what you want? Eric and Brooks discuss their progress with this work over the last 5 years.


Books discussed:

  • Creating Sales Velocity: Matthew Ferry
  • The Answer: John Assaraf & Murrey Smith
  • The Secret: Rhonda Byrne
  • Four Hour Work Week: Tim Ferriss

10/10/10 Process:

  • 1. Gratitude List: What you already have.
  • 2. Affirmation List: What you’re capable of at your best.
  • 3. Manifestation List: Specific outcomes beyond your immediate control.

Music by Broke For Free.

Episode 7: Chris Silva: Manhood through Fatherhood


Chris Silva    This is the first of two interviews with Chris Silva, Chicago-based creative. Recorded on Oct 17th, 2014, Chris shares his experience of manifesting abundance in his relationships, career and finances. We talk about his preparation for fatherhood, the transformation from boy to man, and taking action towards ideals from a place of powerlessness.

Episode 6: Manhood with Max


maxMax and Brooks have a quick conversation about action and commitment as it related to a goal, not to perfection. Can setting short and consistent smaller goals get you to a long term goal. Can we act ourselves into right thinking? How much of our time is spent judging our own inaction. The conversation moves to fitness and creating a relationship with your body. How do the 5 Love Languages relate to living better. What can meditation look like? Yoga, Jiu Jitsu, Running…